Do you take walk-ins?
  Yes, walk-ins are welcomed but we can not guarantee entry if we are at max capacity and a card will still be needed for purchase. ALWAYS TRY AND PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE FIRST!

I am bringing my child but I don't plan on taking any pics, do I have to pay to get in? 
Yes, everyone has to pay to get in unless under the age of 6 and or dropping a 12+ yr old off for an hour.

I am running late, does my hour start when I get there?
No, Your hour time starts at the time you've selected your booking. We ask that you try and make it 10 mins earlier!
Can I bring my professional camera?
  Yes, a professional camera can be brought in during general admission, but only the camera (no stand, extra lenses, etc). If you want to take professional pictures, try our Building Rental
Do I have to pay for my 5yr old?
  No, all kids 5 and under are free and are to be kept with you at all times in each booth. You will have to pay for your admittance, even if you are not taking any pictures.

Can I throw my birthday party here?
Yes, we offer small event (birthdays, proposals, team building) packages up to 12 people! Call us 2 weeks in advance to book!

Can I drop my child off?
  Kids 12 and up can be dropped off and should be picked up when their time is up.

Why do I have to come in 10 mins before my ticket time?
  We ask that you come in 10 mins before your time so that you can be screened for Covid. 

Is there a time limit per booth?
  No, there isn't a timeline, more of a guidance(7 mins per booth). Everyone only has one hour, so we ask that you be courteous of other's time especially on days that are more busy than others. 

Can I bring food or drinks?
  No food and drinks allowed.

Do we provide professional photos?
  No, we do not. However, we have a list of professional photographers that will love to work with you!

Can I cancel my ticket?
  No, tickets are nonrefundable. Rescheduling is at our discretion. Missed appointments can not be rescheduled! 

Are mask required?
 because Covid screening is done at the door you do no have to wear a mask. However if you feel comfortable with a mask, please feel free to do so.

Terms and Conditions

  • There are guidelines and weight limits (250lbs) to our props. Please handle with care.

  • Love Your Selfie is not liable for any self harm caused by customer. 

  • The props are just that, props! Use them how you see fit to get that perfect selfie, but do not attempt to eat or take the props home.

  • We reserve the right to use any images tagged on social media for professional use.

  • Hours are subject to change.

  • Tickets are non refundable.

  • Adults are to watch their children at all time, any items broken from recklessness will be at the expense of the adult.